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75th Anniversary

History | 75 Anniversary

Our 75th Anniversary started with the Holy Mass.

Father Adam Gabriel blessed the memory plaque.

Our school picture.

Assembly, grade III and IV.

Even the youngest audience was in awe of their older friends.

Performance by grade III

Mr. Boleslaw Lidzbarski records the memories for our future children...

Grade II.

Principles of our school

At the front Mrs. Zofia Pokusa, on the right Mr. Wladyslaw Chwiecko, at the back Mrs. Teresa Kaszowska , on the left our current principal Ewa Moczarska.

Poetry read by: A. Gieralt, J. Swiderski, A. Oledrzynska, L. Krawczyk.

Gold pin is given to Mrs. Zofia Pokusa for her long volunteer work for the Polish School.


Project drawn by Diane Siemienska for the program of our 75 Anniversary.

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