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Jan Lisiecki

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On December the 4th our school had the privilege to host the young musician Jan Lisiecki (www.janlisiecki.com). Janek introduced himself not only as world class musician, but also as a young man – a peer to our students.  For almost an hour he talked about his unique life, learning and a hard work of every day practice. Of course he played on the piano. How? No words can describe it or gestured can express it. You had to hear it yourself. Not even a cold or an old school piano prevented him to excel.

What kind of an impression he left? By his straightforward conduct, modesty and artistic performance he proved that everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and persistence in hard work. Perhaps it is worthy to mention that even though Janek was born in Canada, he spoke to us in Polish without a slightest accent. He is proud of his heritage of both cultures.

Janek is entering the gym with a box of Kleenex in his hands.

Janek is welcomed by the Principal of our school Ewa Moczarski

Janek is answering questions from our students.

Janek in his element.

You have to focus on everything what you do…

The Principal  is giving Janek; box of chocolates, the pin of our school, and the book “Blekitne niebo i prawdziwe kule” by Tadeusz Kotz (with his autograph) – who was the legendary leader of 303 Squadron. 

The picture of Jan as we will remember him.

We said "Thank you" to his mom.

The youngest inquisitive with the Artist.

Janek has a lot of fans.

“You are off the tone” – maybe Janek thinks as he listens to our happy birthday song – Polish “Sto Lat”.

There was no end to the autographs.

The best way is to write on the wall…

Our most persistence students had the opportunity to get picture taken with Janek.

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