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Dear Friends,

For the first time the performance of “Zycie  w sloiku ” (Life in Jar) was presented  in Polish outside of Poland. It was done by students of the Polish Credit Courses in London Ontario, on June 5th at St. John School.

Tikkun Olam in Hebrew means to fix the world. During tragic times of World War II Irena Sendler decided to fix the world on her own. Her decision could cost her life. Until 1999 no one knew Irena Sendler existed. Our Grade 11/12 students were enthusiastic to perform the play inspired by Norman Conard – a history teacher from Union Town, Kansas.

As students of Polish origin, we feel it is our obligation to share her story in her native language and within Polish Community. Irena Sendler was a simple woman who offered help without asking for payback. She helped the most helpless and needy during that time – Jewish children. One can ask: Does anyone know that before WW II almost every third person in Warsaw was Jewish? Can we comprehend that every third household didn’t celebrate Christmas, didn’t decorate a Christmas tree and St. Nicholas didn’t come to visit? They celebrated other holidays that may sound foreign: Purim, Sukot, Chanuka.

We are confident that thanks to our play Zycie w sloiku, the knowledge about silent heroes like Irena and innocent victims of Holocaust, will always be remembered.

If though this play we can change one person, we can change the world.

On behalf of the Polish School London Ontario (integrated with London District Catholic School Board) we would like to sincere thank to Norman Conard for his help and guidance.

Jaroslaw Moczarski


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